Manning Up Or Being Smart?

April 29, 2012

According to pop culture, men are really slacking. We’re not bringing home the bacon. We need to “man up”. What shall we do to “man up”?

* get married
* start a family

Many complain about these issues. Enough men have surrendered their “responsibility” that generalizations like this occur. Why are men avoiding these milestones?

Half of marriages fails. Chances are worse for repeat offenders. Marriage was a great institution that harnessed the sex drive of betas and kept their productivity positive. Now, marriage is a one-in-two chance of losing half your shit and possibly incurring alimony.

In conversations with close friends, I’ve tried to steer them away from marriage. “I’m gonna marry the right woman. We won’t get divorced” That’s a great slogan for a bumper sticker. No one goes into marriage thinking, “This is gonna be awesome for a couple years then slowly descend into maddening hell”. Statistics show many men do not have enough game to prevent a “no-fault” divorce.

Starting a Family
While marriage is unnecessary, I feel starting a family is, if only to be a winner in the game of life. I do not know any statistics on fathers versus fatherless men but I imagine men are starting families later in life and less frequently.

Men would likely delay family for two reasons…
1. Not enough resources to support a family
2. Not finding a suitable woman

Regarding #1, the impact of women entering the workforce contributed. Some were striking at opportunity when the draft created male shortages. Some were pushed into jobs to compensate their husband’s wages. Like supply and demand, when the supply of workers went up, the value of each dropped. Slave labor has been popular in history because of this reason.

Regarding #2, consider the opposite. Since entering the workforce and obtaining positions of high political office, women gaining socioeconomic value means less men of higher socioeconomic value, thus less suitable men for mating. It’s not that many men cannot find suitable women, it’s that many women cannot find suitable men. “Suitable” meaning a man she can look up to, whether he has power, money or status.

Gender Reversal
Another factor contributing to men’s avoidance of once-honored tradition is gender reversal pushed by cultural marxism. Women are encouraged to be strong and independent, while men are simultaneously pushed toward sensitivity and shamed for their masculinity. This disrupts the natural flow of sexual energy and spills over into every facet of life. Delaying motherhood for career goals pushes some women into contraceptively tricky years, unfortunately.

Impractical Solution
If every woman left her job tomorrow, the remaining all-male workforce would see their wages increase greatly. Likely 2, 3% unemployment amongst able-bodied workers. Men choosing the responsible route would be exalted by their family. Players would recede, having lost their foothold in our current hypergamous environment. I have no clue if this imaginary scenario would increase wages back to where a single man could provide for an entire family, but it’s an interesting idea. Also, more women, with their decreased socioeconomic power, would find more men attractive. A shift back to Marriage 1.0.

Last Words
Most men aren’t lovey-dovey, fantasizing about their wedding since childhood. Those dreams of grandeur do not exist, so some see the possible negatives and steer clear. When girls say, “I want to be married before 30″, I cringe. Is the status or achievement of marriage paramount?


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