The Fiscal Cliff is a Distraction

Divide and conquer. This describes America’s left-right political spectrum. Democrats dislike Republicans and vice versa. Obama has his ideas, Boehner has his. Cheerleaders on both sides praise their guy while criticizing the opposition. New outlets focus on the cast of characters and possible outcomes, but they never address the root of the problem.

Republicans seem reluctant to compromise because if we go over the fiscal cliff, they can point at our Democratic President and Senate and place blame. “Democrats promised you lower taxes and look what happened!” On the other hand, if Boehner refuses a compromise, Obama can point his finger at the ‘Pubs and use them as a scapegoat.

What is all this fiscal cliff hubbub distracting us from? The fact that our government is spending more than it generates, *unofficially* decriminalizing financial fraud, accumulating vast debt, and passing the buck to future generations. They’re broke and they know it. Instead of acknowledging their part regarding our financial straights, they point fingers. Even if they further screw up our economy and aren’t reelected, individual politicians are still rich so any collateral damage is easily mitigated.

Estate taxes will change if we fall off the fiscal cliff. Currently, our death tax leaves $5 million exempt with any remaining taxed at 35%. Should we fail in finding a compromise, the federal government will take 50% of anything over $1 million. Obama is working toward a $3.5 million exemption with the rest subject to 45% tax. His solution is slightly less shitty, but stinky nonetheless. The lesser of two evils.

One day, the American public will remember that instilling a healthy amount of fear in our politicians is a good thing. They know, as a nation, we’re soft bitches. Bitches get fucked, they don’t do the fucking. Keep touching your toes, ‘Murican sheeple.

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