Physical Vs Cerebral Alphas

The Beast enlightened me to his theory on two different types of alphas: cerebral and physical. While both categories contain fundamental alpha characteristics, the manner of expression sets them apart.

Physical alphas are the stock model. Big, strong guys command some level of respect merely for their size. People move out of the way when a brick wall with shoes walks by. A large physical presence will always intimidate to some degree. Size served as a truer barometer of alpha before culture surpassed our animal instincts.

Cerebral alphas, on the other hand, are not blessed with the body of a linebacker. Their success comes from their raw intelligence or charisma. Jack Nicholson, George Clooney and Bill Clinton come to mind. Intelligent, driven, successful, yet physically average.

An alpha possessing both physical and cerebral traits is Magic Johnson. Legendary athlete and successful entrepeneur, this guy won the genetic lottery. He’s the tenth wealthiest black man in the world, according to this article. Michael Jordan, another physical and cerebral alpha, is only five million richer.

Because Americans live in a “safe” society, physical alphas are seeing less return on their genetic capital. Why would a girl need some burly man to protect her when the police are a call away? Women will always be turned on by a man’s physical prowess and ability to protect her, but their primal appreciation has been stifled. This helps explain why rail-thin hipster guys get ass. On the other hand, physical alphas in more dangerous countries are in higher demand than cerebrals. A woman living in Sarajevo during the ’90s will be more drawn to a physical alpha. When Shit Hits The Fan, physical strength reigns supreme.

To reference an earlier post, I’d say Salmon is physical, Mr. R is cerebral, and The Beast has both.

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