The Tytler Cycle and Decline of America

Alexander Tytler was a Scottish lawyer, historian and writer. His theory details the rise and fall of nations and claims this cycle takes about 200 years.

Bondage: secession from England

Spiritual Faith/Courage/Liberty: American Revolution

Abundance: Civil War to WWII

Selfishness/Complacency/Apathy/Dependence: the past few decades

We’ve seen selfishness run rampant in Sue Happy America. Remember the dipshit woman who burned herself upon spilling McDonald’s coffee? She sued and won. Frivolous lawsuits for the loss. Hell, I personally know someone receiving $70,000 annually on a bogus compensation charge.

We’ve been complacent for a while. Most citizens are cattle, distracting themselves from real world problems with the newest iShit. However, we’re tired of being sheared to the skin, watching the fruits of our labor bankroll high-risk financial stupidity.

Dependency, or suckling the governmental teat, is on the rise. The subprime crisis of ’08 pushed the Low and Middle to welfare while the High profited immensely.

Regarding bondage, it begs the question: is America becoming a police state?

Tytler said democracies evolve from monarchies. Then, democracies become corrupt and move into dictatorships. Whether you believe this country is becoming fascist or socialist, signs point toward totalitarianism. Don’t expect Romney to save the day, either. They’re cogs of the same machine.

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