Beware Feminazis

January 1, 2014

Earlier tonight, I went to a New Year’s Eve party. My hope was to find some girl to kiss upon the dawning of the New Year, then sleep with her. Unfortunately, it all went to shit.

I went to a lesbian friend’s house around 11pm. The drinks were flowing, music was blasting, and all were merry. Shortly after introductions, I asked the host, “Who’s the girl in the silver blouse? Does she have a boyfriend?” She replied, “It’s my roommate. She’s single” If I’d have known what I was getting into, I’d have never pursued her.

I chatted with the roommate for a bit, then talked with her again a few minutes before midnight. I asked, “Do you have anyone to kiss for New Years?” She replied, “No. But I’ll give you a quick kiss” I replied, “That’s a start”, and we smootched. I got my New Years kiss. Check.

Since this was an easy and enjoyable start, I figured the rest would be smooth. Our conversation flowed easily. She even obliterated my biggest hurdle: my addiction to nicotine. She said, “I like the smell of smoke. It’s weird, but I find something about it comforting” Check and mate.

After a couple hours of intermittent chatting, we were alone outside. Somehow, our conversation turned toward feminism and it’s merits. My faithful readers know how I feel about the subject, so I won’t fill in the details. She wasn’t as receptive. She was devoted to being a career woman and had no desire for children. If I wanted the lay, I should have shut my yup. Instead, my convictions drove me forward.

“You think men want to be a corporate slaves? You think we enjoy pushing papers for some asshole up the chain making one-hundred times what we’re making? Fuck that. I’d rather be nursing children and living off the productivity of another.”

Her self-proclaimed “feminazi” leanings couldn’t bear my worldview. After she brought up equality and gender roles, I mentioned, “Men build civilizations. Women tend to them. There’s nothing wrong with accepting your role. You’ll never be equal to us, in that regard”

It was then that she lost her shit.

She began talking about how I wanted to hit her. I didn’t want to hit her, because I thought we were having a civilized discussion. I was confused, because she was putting words in my mouth. She kept up with her talk of violence, but it was in a projection style. She kept saying, “You want to hit me”

She approached me like an aggressor and came close to my face. I remember seeing four eyes, as my vision couldn’t focus on such a close object. She began swinging at me. I placed my forearm against her collar bones and opposite shoulder in a defensive position. Also, I turned my hips perpendicular to her, as I expected an attack toward my groin. She didn’t notice my change in body language.

I use the term “attacking” loosely, as her blows were ineffective and unharmful. This back-and-forth ballet continued for a few minutes until she demanded I leave her premises. Considering I was the guest of her roommate, I told her politely, “Fuck off. I’ll leave when I feel like leaving” During this time, she was grasping my throat, leaving my replies neutered as I didn’t have full control of my windpipe. I considered her behavior like a child’s, as there was no real threat.

After a few seconds of her feeble strikes, she began pushing me and I had enough. I pushed her back with half-force and she rocketed into the brick wall behind her. Shortly after, the guests in attendance came outside and tried to separate us. Ironically, it was her holding onto the strings of my hoodie that negated that option. I remember saying, “Tell this bitch to let go of my shit!” multiple times. Around the fifth or sixth time, she let go and I fled the scene.

Why flee? Because I know laws in America are stacked against men, especially in the case of violence. It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed the marks on my face. During the altercation, this bitch clawed me.


Gentlemen, in the future, heed my warning: any woman that claims a love of feminism is not one to have conversation with. Any attempt at arguing your side will be met with hostility, sometimes physical. As soon as you hear her proclaim love of feminism, walk away.

It’s not her wounds that I’m angry about. No, no. I’ve had much more intimidating men try to punk me, to which I’ve responded, “Fuck you, bitch, come get some”

It’s about a system designed to enslave and impoverish men acting within their natural role. The law is not on our side and it’s best to avoid legal entanglements.


December 9, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a blast. My desire to write waned significantly over the past few months and it’s shown through my lack of posting. My passion for expressing my ideas and criticisms was high a couple years ago. Now, it’s almost non-existent. I won’t force myself to post, as this hobby would become like a job.

This site will stay up as long as the Internet allows. It’s only $26 a year. I appreciate all the readers and commenters. For now, I’ve said I all want to say. One day, I’ll return.

Working in a Feminine Environment

November 7, 2013

Last week, I ended employment at my dead-end job and began employment with a better one. The two schedules overlapped and totalled sixty hours. Quite a burden to bear, but the paychecks will be nice. Regardless, the culture of my new employer is radically different from anything I’ve experienced.

I cut my teeth in sales on construction sites. Very masculine. This new place? The exact opposite. I may as well be selling dildos, as the vast majority of our customers are women. Corporate refers to the customer as ‘she’ due to this reason. Also, of a crew of roughly twenty women and two guys, I’m the only straight male. The other guy is a bottom. I’m the sole beacon of masculinity in their feminine world.

It pays off, too. Women of all ages are receptive, which disarms them and sets up sales easier and quicker. Men appreciate my ability to find something good for them in short order. I was hired for my “transferrable skills” from my other sales job, but I wonder how much Equal Opportunity Employment played a factor. Was I one of the “guy” quotas required?

There are differences working in this strange, feminine environment. All of my previous bosses have been men in result-oriented, masculine roles. Not at this place. We don’t hammer our customers until we hit our numbers. We “create experiences”. We “service her needs first, then ours”.

Constant Validation
The incessant validation drives me crazy. Why should someone be congratulated for expected behavior? For example: one coworker answering a question correctly was rewarded with excessive praise. “That’s right, Kimberly. Thank you very much for the great answer” Why is proficiency praised when competency is expected?

This is greatly different from the previous masculine environments in which I’ve worked. Praise was doled infrequently and only upon achievement of great tasks. It makes me uncomfortable to be rewarded for menial duties.

I hear “Sorry!” about eight hundred times a day. Whether it’s crossing another coworker’s path or the slightest miscommunication, every action is tagged with apology.

Stress Management
I believe men and women handle stress similarly. However, women outwardly display those symptoms more frequently. My closing managette was visibly frustrated accomplishing new tasks. One store leadette was highly flustered opening day, yet everything was operating smoothly.

It’s an interesting experience. I much prefer the masculine world of logic and emotional repression.

Fashion, Style and Comfort

October 21, 2013

[I forgot to mention Assanova is an inspiration for fashion. He's one of the classiest dressers and men I've known.]

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Regarding clothes, there exists a balance between style and comfort. Ask any woman wearing fancy, designer shoes how comfortable they are and they’ll grimace. As the gender more concerned with superficial appearances, women understand they must sacrifice some comfort to achieve higher levels of attractiveness.

Over the years, Americans have placed more value on comfort than style in their choice of daily garments. Those who’ve worn Crocs praise their comfortability. We also know they look like hell.


I’m ashamed of my gender upon seeing legions of men wearing shorts and flip-flops. On Friday and Saturday nights across America, men no longer suit up, but rather dress down. Dark denim replaced slacks and pinstripe pants. Polos are acceptable attire. A button-up is somewhat fancy. Long gone are the days of three-piece suits, cuff links, vests and ties. Suspenders, bowties, derbys and fedoras are a rare sight outside of hipster cliques.

It’s my perception that in generations past, maintaining at least one respectable outfit was the norm. The lowliest of workers took care of their fine garment(s). If I’m wrong, please correct me.


It breaks my heart seeing women don yoga pants instead of dresses. Baggy sweatshirts often replace blouses. I can’t give women as much flak, as they tend to dress better when socializing. Flashy rings, necklaces, shirts, skirts and pants are more typical.

Perhaps feminism and America’s obsession with lowering standards plays a role. I’ve dated foreign women who dressed to the nines whenever they left their house. A quick walk down to the market required pristene attention to detail. In countries where men control the majority of financial capital, those women would be foolish to leave their house a disheveled mess, as a potential provider could be around any corner.

Is this a reflection of cultural decline? Do we no longer care about our appearance?

In response to American men’s lowered standard of dress, I’ve decided to be the change I wish to see. Now that my financial situation has improved, gone are the days of hoodies and jeans. No more barbarism. Instead, I shall only purchase garbs from second-hand stores specializing in classy men’s ware. I’m bringing the 1920′s and ’30s back.

MGTOW Are Unfit

October 20, 2013

“I spent half my money on gambling, alcohol and wild women. The other half I wasted”
-W.C. Fields

In this post, Men Going Their Own Way refers specifically to those who avoid women completely.

Darwin said the most fit species are able to adapt to their changing environment. In evolutionary terms, this process takes multiple generations over the course of centuries or millenia. Nature weeds those with less favorable traits. In the same vein, MGTOW are unfit because they’ve not adapted to the behavior of contemporary women. The methods to attract and keep 21st century women are different. Beta provider game, which flourished for centuries, doesn’t work anymore.

Those adhering to this philosophy will lose the game of life. They won’t or can’t change their behavior to avoid societal and legal pitfalls of associating with women. Many men still consort with urban females, but refuse to marry them. A small amount of men froze their sperm and had a vasectomy to prevent siring children with undesirable partners. Those strategies are smart and indicative of an ability to adapt.

Many MGTOW are convinced that all women are terrible. Some of them are. Many aren’t. This attitude merely announces their lack of experience with women. Unfortunately, MGTOW don’t realize that women are trainable and moldable. This is similar to men who think all hot women are stuck-up bitches. That front is only an illusion to weed undesirable suitors.

MGTOW think they’re winning the game by not playing it, but they’re actually the biggest losers of life. Provided they’ve never reproduced, those men didn’t spread their seed. Even those with children are denying themselves the warmth, comfort and support a good woman brings to the table.


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